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AccelanTech Launched Autumn Programme to Teach Accelerated Technical English Around the World

Accelerated technical English language provider AccelanTech ( announced today its launch of Autumn programmes in China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East with a brand developed by top interactive marketing agency Optimize Interactive (
AccelanTech is an innovative language school teaching technical English through accelerated courses for the aviation, I.T. and business communities. Courses are currently conducted at the University of Luxembourg and online using Google Wave technology at universities in China and Ukraine.
Optimize Interactive developed the brand from the logo upwards so AccelanTech could continue building in the Middle East, Eastern European and Chinese markets, where there is intense demand in specialized fields like aviation English as pilots and air traffic controllers want to improve …

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How To Deal With Culture Shock With Teaching Abroad

Everyone at Travel and Teach, having experienced a new life and teaching experience in Korea ourselves likes to offer our teachers more than just professional teaching tips, but rather, prepare you for this new life and cultural adventure…
Experts writing on culture shock have identified four distinct phases through which anyone going to live abroad passes – the length of each phase varies with the individual, but, in general, each phase lasts longer than the preceding one. The four phases seem to be:
Fascination: an initial period of time when everything is new and there are seemingly few problems since everyone is being extremely accommodating. The predominant feeling during this period is one of exhilaration at being …

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