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The Important Role of Strategic Intelligence

An intelligence career can be many different things, as there are many niche specializations in the field of intelligence. According to the government website for intelligence,, positions can be narrowed down into these intelligence career main categories:
–Analysis: Gather information and conduct research, monitor events and track trends on a particular country or issue, evaluate the data that is collected and conduct oral presentations based on the findings.
–Science and Technology: Use your science and technology skills for the purpose of evaluating security threats.
–Information Technology: Maintain IT infrastructure, set up telecommunications networks, manage data, and design automated information systems for the purpose of gathering and analyzing intelligence.
–Intelligence Collection: Gather intelligence information, use persuasion and negotiation skills, …

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Security Management Courses: Focus on Intelligence Studies

The competent security manager in today’s complex threat environment knows how critical continuing education is to stay on the cutting edge. While security management courses take many shapes and forms, it is important to find strategic security education programs that offer the right mix of security and intelligence studies.
Security defined security can be studied at the tactical or strategic level. Depending on current or desired job function, operational or tactical security training may be all that you need. Security managers and executive-level managers, however, seek to have a broad understanding of how to anticipate, mitigate, and respond appropriately to a variety of complex issues.
Active security professionals deliver solutions from a strategic, holistic perspective. Strategy is …

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