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Spanish From Spain Vs Latin American Spanish Part II

In my first article comparing Spanish in Spain and Spanish in Latin America, I basically said that they are the same language. I originally wrote this article three years ago, and since then I have married a native Spanish speaker. Furthermore, I have also spoken to others that have learned Spanish in Spain, who have had some difficulty speaking with Latin Americans. While I still stand by the fact that they are the same language, I think I should add some additional information.
My wife is from Mexico. She has friends from Spain, and she loves Spanish (from Spain) movies. She has no difficulty speaking or understanding the Spanish from Spain or communicating with Spaniards. While …

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Study Abroad Aspirations Get Fulfilled in Spain and France Splendidly

If a study abroad program tops your priority list, then you should not overlook countries like Spain and France where you’ll come across a vast multitude of course and programs specifically designed keeping international students in mind. All these courses have the able support of well-developed infrastructure, excellent faculty and supreme learning ambiance.
Spain has been constantly occupying a position among top ten study abroad destinations of the world. The reasons are easy to find out. The country boasts some of the globally renowned art museums that are the center of attraction for international students pursuing art and history. Spain also has a long list of significant past events that include religious wars between Jews, Muslims …

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