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Study in NZ – Great Place to Study With Better Career Opportunity

Apart from being considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand also has the distinction of being one of the youngest. It was the last major land mass to be discovered by Europeans, and today, this fascinating and unspoiled country offers many reminders of its Maori and Colonial history.
The earliest known settlers in the two islands were the seafaring Maori, who arrived sometime between 1000 and 1300 AD, although some evidence suggests they were there earlier. The Maoris named the new land Aotearoa, meaning “Land of the Long White Cloud”, a name that still seems appropriate today.
The Maoris survived by hunting and farming and later by trading with the European settlers. …

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Tourism Training : The Key to Tourism Growth

Tourism is New Zealand’s largest industry, contributing to the economies foreign exchange and providing jobs and income – one in ten people now work in the tourism industry. Providing nearly $20 billion to the economy annually, contributing nine percent of the country’s total gross domestic product (GDP), the quality of workers within the industry is of utmost importance as they provide the ‘face’ for travellers in New Zealand. As well as contributing to the national economy, tourism is an important driver of regional economic growth, which supports the revitalisation of smaller towns and communities, some which are totally dependent upon tourism for their income. Furthermore, revenue derived from travel related activities enables local communities and …

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