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Learn Japanese Now With These Secrets

Don’t be intimidated, it’s very possible for you to learn Japanese now. With focus, commitment, and especially enthusiasm, you’re setting yourself up for a good beginning. Aside from those traits, it is, of course, important to know the basics. Japanese is written using three different writing systems:
* Kanji
* Hiragana
* Katakana
Chinese characters, called Kanji, have been borrowed and incorporated into the language.
More like Western alphabets, but based on Chinese characters, Katakana and Hiragana are syllabic scripts. Kanji and Hiragana, in combination, are the most used writing systems in modern Japanese. Katakana is used chiefly to depict the sounds of borrowed foreign words, or when there is a need to depict other sounds, like the howl of …

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Where To Study Chinese?

Proficiency in speaking and writing a foreign language is always an added professional asset. It also opens your eyes to a different culture, language being the key to the life and culture of any particular country. People are realizing the importance of investing money for learning foreign languages. Professional advantage is the basic reason encouraging students to explore foreign language programs. Among foreign languages used in business, Spanish, French and German have been enjoying a steady market for years. The relatively unsaturated language like Japanese and Mandarin is now on their rise in popularity. People from around the world are noticeably getting engaged in learning Chinese and Japanese culture and their languages. Every year a …

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