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Nursing as a Good Career Move

One of the fastest growing jobs around the world is the healthcare industry, doctors and nurses are in demand and it seems no matter how many people become qualified there are just never enough people to fill the number of vacancies. That makes the healthcare industry a good career move for anyone interested in a job that offers excitement and a challenge.
The demand for nurses is at an all time high at present and the reasons behind this are down to an ageing population, the elderly population is much larger than, say, 15 years ago as the baby boomer generation start to reach retirement age and advances in medical procedures means that people are living …

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Nursing Agencies – A New Era of Roles and Challenges

It is clear to most observers that healthcare facilities are threatened by the mass shortage of nursing staff all over America. The reasons for this are unclear, but are continuously pressuring healthcare providers to search for solutions to overcome this obstacle. Nursing agencies lately have been working ahead of the current situation in an attempt to provide nursing staff to cover the needs of healthcare facilities all over America.
Nursing in America is known to be a seasonal profession. Almost every hospital and healthcare facility experiences a period, every now and then, when there is a considerable shortage of nursing staff. Filling vacant nursing positions on short notice is a real dilemma to healthcare professionals. Nursing …

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Midway College Will Offer an Online Medical Coding Associate Degree

Midway College Online has been granted approval to launch an online Associate of Science in Medical Coding in fall 2010. The students are excited and the faculty is ready. With an expected growth rate of 18 percent by 2016, Medical Coding is considered to be a thriving career. To accommodate such a growing profession Midway College has designed a curriculum that provides the best instruction in the field.
Midway’s Medical Coding online degree offers accelerated courses online to provide a convenient and flexible schedule and a friendly classroom environment for those who may not have easy access to Midway’s campus. The Medical Coding degree will also create a foundation for additional study in the health care …

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