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Taking Up Nursing For Your Future

I’m proud of the fact that since the past century nursing has been considered as a very distinguished profession. Nurses are venerated and appraised for their generous services that they most willingly impart for the restoration of health and well-being of others. Hence, bestowing their care and attention to help vulnerable patients reclaim their normal course of lives. Their contribution to the society is invaluable.
Not only this, nurses are trained to match their skills and assist doctors, surgeons and physicians in all phases of the treatment. It is because of the various fields in which their assistance is required that they are handsomely paid and esteemed by the medical boards. Without them, the entire working …

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New leadership tool promotes health in organisations

A new leadership tool has been developed at Mid Sweden University. The tool provides statistically valid warnings about the health of employees. It is therefore expected to be an important support for managers in their leadership.
Johan Larsson, a quality technology and management researcher, shows in his dissertation at Mid Sweden University how managerial leadership is related to the health of employees and the effectiveness of the organisation, as well as methodologies to improve the quality.
A successful leadership profile for good health, effectiveness and quality methodologies places high demands on many areas. It needs to integrate a positive view of humanity with high relationship orientation in behaviour, where structure- and change-oriented behaviours are adapted to the …

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