eGlobe Research Community Delivers In-Depth Studies on What We Teach in Higher Education

eGlobe Research Community, a Denver-based research company, recently announced the opening of its website providing access to its current research on higher education in the United States to decision-makers in education, business and government as well as others interested in learning more about trends in curriculum. eGlobe Research Community’s focus is on delivering in depth information to aid stakeholders of education in making informed decisions.

The research initiative, called “The Content Studies” provides detailed information on the trends in curriculum. The focus of “The Content Studies” during its initial phase is undergraduate education within public and not-for-profit four-year institutions. Included in the reports are in-depth descriptions of the content covered in specific course categories.

For example, their research reports that in the Accounting discipline 48% of the educational institutions in their sample offered a specific course on government and/or not-for-profit accounting. Within this course category, there were sixty-eight unique course content descriptions catalogued. The course category report states that approximately 33% of courses in the category indicated coverage of “Budgeting – General”. Breaking it down to provide further detail, eGlobe Research Community reveals that of that 33% indicating coverage of “Budgeting – General” approximately 19% were public institutions and approximately 14% were private not-for-profit institutions. The reports provide such comprehensive details for each course content description identified and other related course category information such as course level (upper or lower division) and common course titles.

The first reports released on the website focus on the Accounting discipline. The organization also indicates on its website upcoming reports on the disciplines of Management, Finance, Marketing, General Business and Economics. Future planned studies include Healthcare Administration, Nursing and Computer Science. The organization expresses its intent to respond to the information needs of education stakeholders by planning future studies around website users’ feedback and suggestions which can be submitted to the organization’s leadership through the website.

The company offers access to its discipline reports through free registration on its website ( The more detailed course category reports are provided with the purchase of a Premium membership, which is currently available at a special limited time introductory rate.

For more information contact: Ashley Smith, 720.515.6385 or