Scientific Careers: Pharmacists and Forensic Science Technicians

When students want to consider a career in science, a preliminary research on the available options is required. In that regard, without such research students limit their possibilities to a list of professions, mostly connected to popular stereotypes. It is no doubt that a nuclear scientist is a prestigious profession, but there are much more scientific careers than that. Thus, this article will attempt to provide an overview of two different career opportunities in science, which are a pharmacist and a forensic science technician.


A general perception of pharmacists is an image of people who only dispense and counsel on the use of medications. There is a lot more of science in such profession than it might seem from outside. The discipline of pharmacy is concerned with natural science subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, etc. Most pharmacists received a degree before moving on with pharmacy studies. The usual tasks performed by pharmacists include performing procedures for mixing and labeling medications, according to established dosages, providing consultations to patients on drugs usage, reviewing the accuracy of prescriptions and their ingredients, and others. Most pharmacists work in community pharmacies, although they can work in labs in large pharmaceutical companies.

Forensic Science Technician

Forensic science technician is a scientific career the popularity of which might be drawn by its media depictions. With various movies and TV series, the role of forensic science technician got wider recognition. The basis of such profession lies in studying forensic science, criminology, or other narrower specialties, such as investigation, toxicology, pathology, etc. The usual tasks of forensic science technicians are performed in the crime scene, the laboratory, or both, including collection and analysis of evidences, interpretation of findings, identifying materials and samples, and others. Such profession is highly valued, and it can be stated that it is not less scientific than the one of a nuclear scientist, which was indicated in the introduction.

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