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Nursing jobs in London attract large numbers of qualified nurses who are willing to undertake available positions within the healthcare industry and medical field. Not only do people of all nationalities from all over the world look to relocate to London, so too do individuals from surrounding local areas. It is undisputed that London is a city that possesses a certain wonder to it, with its historical background combined with modern day architectural design and offerings. Juxtaposed alongside this architecturally sound city, London is the financial capital of the world that is consistently in the forefront of the latest cultural, technological and educational offerings.

For nurses that are relocating to London to fill nursing jobs from overseas, the process can at first seem daunting. There are many steps that need to be completed to ensure that all legalities are met and satisfied in order to begin work successfully. It is widely known and accepted that in order to successfully be appointed to a nursing job in London one must be a registered nurse in the United Kingdom. Certain recruitment agencies that specialise within the medical field offer nursing positions for internationally trained and recognised nurses, and can assist with each stage of the application and subsequent relocation to London.

Recently, general nursing was removed from the United Kingdom’s occupational shortage list, which creates greater difficulty for foreign nurses who do not hold a specialised position within the nursing profession to obtain work and nursing registration permits within the United Kingdom. However, once a foreign individual holds a nursing registration permit they are then able to actively seek out nursing in London employment opportunities and work unsupervised within that position.

For interested candidates who already reside near or in London with appropriate registration, who are actively seeking a nursing job within the city, there is varied employment. As London is a sprawling metropolitan city, many nurses from various specialities are required and are highly sought after. Employment positions exist that require specialised training in midwifery, mental health care, private care, hospice care, paediatrics, home care and primary care.

Interested candidates should meet with revered healthcare and medical recruitment agencies with years of experience in recruiting candidates into positions that best meet their individual needs and requirements. Recruitment agencies within the industry work to ensure that placements are achieved as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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