Is The Time Right For A Home Based Business?

The economic world that we live in today is a far cry from the one of just a couple of years ago. And you don’t need the brain of Einstein to know that things are likely to get a whole lot worse before they can even begin to get better, and if you don’t believe me, then just ask the Greeks. But whilst traditional businesses (and some countries) have seen their turnover and profits go north, the likes of the home based industry has seen a major upturn and has never looked so rosy. There are several reasons that make working from home a lot more appealing now, and when you combine them they make a powerful force and one that only a fool would ignore. Firstly, a lot of people have lost their jobs and are finding it increasingly difficult to get another one. In this recession companies are not only shedding the blue collar workers but also the white, and this has brought people into the industry who up until now would have laughed at the idea of having a home based business. This group which is generally made up of management personal and higher income earners are now forced to be more open with their options (or lack of them) when it comes to making a crust. What this means is that a lot of them are now looking elsewhere to replace their lost life styles, and having their own business which they can run from home has not only become rather appealing, but in some cases their only feasible choice.

Next we need to take a look at job security. It doesn’t seem that long ago when my dad told me that when I left school and got a job, then that would be a job for life. In his day you could walk out of a job in the morning and into another after lunch, but today things couldn’t be so different. Today job security is about as likely as a tap dancing haddock in a hula skirt, and if you find one then please let me know (the job not the haddock). What this means is that people are scared about their financial future and as a result are looking for ways to supplement it. What’s clear to us all is that getting a part time job to top up your income isn’t as easy as it was a while ago, and as a result this opens up another category of people who are now herded towards the work from home arena in a bid to make ends meet.

Lastly we need to look at the pensions crises. Gone are the days when the old and the wrinkly can just sit in the garden knowing that the government will look after them until the big calling, and things certainly aren’t going to get any better. If you’re future retirement plans have anything to do with your countries pension system them you’d better think again, and that’s what a lot of us have already done. The only way to really rely on your future is to build it for yourself, which once again leads people down the road of few options. And one that stands out as a viable alternative is? You’ve guessed it, the good old home based business. Yes, these people have created yet another big category that once almost didn’t exist.

So what does this all mean to you and me? Simple, it means opportunity. All these new people create lots of money which creates lots of life styles which creates security which provides a future. A future for you, me and everyone involved, and if you can’t see that then you need to look with better eyes. Right now the home based business world is about as buoyant as it’s ever been; all you’ve got to do is jump in and test the water.

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John Drake
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