Spanish From Spain Vs Latin American Spanish Part II

In my first article comparing Spanish in Spain and Spanish in Latin America, I basically said that they are the same language. I originally wrote this article three years ago, and since then I have married a native Spanish speaker. Furthermore, I have also spoken to others that have learned Spanish in Spain, who have had some difficulty speaking with Latin Americans. While I still stand by the fact that they are the same language, I think I should add some additional information.

My wife is from Mexico. She has friends from Spain, and she loves Spanish (from Spain) movies. She has no difficulty speaking or understanding the Spanish from Spain or communicating with Spaniards. While my wife’s native language is Spanish, she speaks English very well. However, we were watching a British movie the other day and she had some trouble understanding it. She has also had some problems in the past understanding individuals with strong Southern accents. Of course, if she moved to down South or to Great Britain, she would probably pick up those accents with little problem. It is just that she is not used to these accents.

I have also heard similar stories from native English speakers, who learned Spanish in Spain. While they are fluent in Spanish, they tell me that they when they attempt to speak with Latin Americans they sometimes had some difficulty understanding them. Ultimately, they are able to communicate, but it is not easy as communicating with a Spaniard.

If you are a Spaniard and you make a trip to Latin America then you will probably not have much problem speaking and communicating with people. It would be the same as a person from the United States traveling to Australia. On the other hand, if you native English speaker that learned Spanish in Spain, you may find it little more difficult. Now, if you stay there long enough you will likely pick it up. In the end I stick to my original piece of advice that you really do not need a regional Spanish speaking language program.

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