AccelanTech Launched Autumn Programme to Teach Accelerated Technical English Around the World

Accelerated technical English language provider AccelanTech ( announced today its launch of Autumn programmes in China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East with a brand developed by top interactive marketing agency Optimize Interactive (

AccelanTech is an innovative language school teaching technical English through accelerated courses for the aviation, I.T. and business communities. Courses are currently conducted at the University of Luxembourg and online using Google Wave technology at universities in China and Ukraine.

Optimize Interactive developed the brand from the logo upwards so AccelanTech could continue building in the Middle East, Eastern European and Chinese markets, where there is intense demand in specialized fields like aviation English as pilots and air traffic controllers want to improve their use of the industry’s international flight language.

AccelanTech founder Jeff Britton has developed a unique methodology that emphasises collaborative teamwork and projects. This makes learning more fun and teaching technical English, grammar and pronunciation faster both to students and employees who need to improve their financial English for business purposes.

“Our projects now draw teammates from cities across China, Ukraine’s capital Kiev and even here in Luxembourg to learn technical English,” said Jeff Britton, the founder and CEO of AccelanTech.

“The advantage of Luxembourg is its multicultural environment and the opportunity to work through the University of Luxembourg and IT Linguistics Institute,” said Britton.

Optimize Interactive demonstrated its strategic and marketing capabilities by guiding the entire branding process from creation to completion. Branding across such a wide market can be complicated, as even colors can have a conflicting cultural impact.

“We’re at our best building new brands – we named the company, then took charge of the website design, website development, the overall brand and the corporate ID,” said Jeff Hicks, the creative director of Optimize Interactive

“We’re very proud of the business logo design, after all, it was created by the same designer who developed the Oracle logo. The AccelanTech brand is memorable and culturally mobile – so it will stand out in any marketplace throughout the world,” said Hicks.

About Optimize Interactive
Optimize Interactive enables companies to reach customers personally through integrated online campaigns using interactive marketing, database segmentation, targeted social media strategies, website SEO and eCampaigns that reach all ages and cultures. Optimize Interactive takes a comprehensive approach to marketing that draws on award-winning design, fresh copywriting and strategic expertise to build exciting brands and create demand.

About AccelanTech
AccelanTech was formed in 2009 by the Luxembourg-based I.T. Linguistics Institute to bring its unique accelerated English learning program to a wider audience. Its mission is to help students, institutions and language schools achieve success by applying accelerated English learning techniques to specific technologies and disciplines. AccelanTech aims to continue serving established customers in Europe while increasing programs in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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