Universities and Colleges Can Increase Adult Student Recruitment with Stronger Website Design

With statistics showing that more adults, age 25 and over, are attending higher education institutions than ever before, the need for college recruiters to market to this large prospect pool is growing. Key to any recruitment effort in today’s higher education marketing is the school’s website, and Paskill Stapleton & Lord’s Jim Paskill will address that issue in his presentation ‘Strengthening Website Design for Adult Student Recruitment’ at this year’s Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) annual conference in San Diego on November 12, 2010.

“Studies show that 90% of adults begin their search for a school on the internet before making an inquiry and it further shows that they are not inclined to inquire if the website depicts only traditional-aged students or lacks any visible links for adult students,” says Paskill, Principal and Creative Director for the college marketing firm Paskill Stapleton & Lord “The key for universities is to optimize their websites to attract the growing non-traditional age prospects.”

The presentation’s agenda includes:

* Creating the critical first impression
* Techniques to get and keep adults engaged
* Integrating social media marketing with your website
* Preparing your website for mobile marketing

The admissions marketing presentation is designed for marketing and enrollment professionals interested in enhancing the recruitment of adult students.

Paskill brings more than 25 years of success in higher education marketing and is involved in all aspects of a campaign which includes research/discovery, planning and strategy, creative development, design, production and implementation, media research and placement.

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