Martial Law Survival

When the federal government becomes more powerful than the state or local government that is already working by taking the military power, martial law comes into force. Martial law exists currently and can be bought into effect in your area. There are many people who are against it. The real question is what preparations are going to be necessary for survival. In US, martial law will be declared only in case of a natural disaster or when an area is affected by an epidemic. The normal systems of acquiring goods and commerce will not be available in both these situations. In a situation of pandemic, if the disease is very contagious, you will not be allowed to even exit your home.

There are many methods which helps you towards survival if it is declared in your area for 30 days. The main thing you have to do in this situation is to store food and water. The best way to store up is to keep rotating the food you eat by just rotating the stock up. This method of storing is better than buying bulk food and storing it and therefore wasting most of it. Storage of water is also very important during the declaration of martial law. Once you hear the declaration of martial law, immediately start filling the bathtubs, sinks, and other containers with water. Then you can use this water for drinking by purifying it using filters.

If there are any patients at home, get some extra medical supplies which will last a few more weeks. This prevents any other disaster that might happen at home. Once the martial law is declared, you need to be independent. This does not mean that you have to be alone. You need to depend on the supplies in your home. The government also has a few guidelines to supply necessities to home. But there is no guarantee that it will reach your home or will be sufficient for everyone in your family. So you must take all precautions towards proper survival.

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