Army National Guard Officer First Lieutenant 1LT Jobs

In the Army National Guard, there are many different First Lieutenant Jobs. For the most part, most First Lieutenant Jobs are located at the company or battalion level. Most 1LT jobs are the equivalent to an entry-level management job in the civilian world. Here are some examples of different 1LT jobs:

* Platoon Leader * Company Executive Officer * Company Commander * Aide-de-Camp * Assistant Battalion S3 * Battalion S4 Officer * Battalion S1 Officer * Assistant Brigade Staff Officer * TAC/Instructor

These are some of the more common First Lieutenant Jobs. In addition, you might also be assigned to a Division Staff, Installation Staff or several other positions as well.

It’s important to realize that First Lieutenants are called “Company Grade Officers” for a reason. In my opinion, they belong in a “company” or “small unit.” Their purpose is to lead Soldiers and execute orders from their superior officers.

First Lieutenants are similar to an entry-level manager. They are expected to learn. Their time as a First Lieutenant is a developmental position. They are supposed to build their leadership skills. The best way to do that is to serve in positions supervising NCOs and Soldiers.

Also, it’s important to realize that the job doesn’t make the person. Instead the person makes the job. Regardless of their duty position or job, all First Lieutenants should take pride in what they do and do their best. After all, if you work hard and produce positive results, you will get noticed by your boss or your senior rater.

All this being said, I think all First Lieutenants should serve as Platoon Leaders and Company Executive Officers. These two jobs will help you develop your leadership skills the most. I call this “troop time.” You can serve in the other positions after you make Captain. Remember, you are only a First Lieutenant once. Therefore, it’s important to get as much troop time as possible.
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To learn more about ARNG First Lieutenant Jobs, visit our Resource Center at Charles Holmes is a former company commander and platoon leader.