What To Look For In Student Accommodation

Student accommodation can be a real mixed bag. If you’re looking for private rental places, there are so many things to check before you go about renting it. Bear in mind, no-one has any real interest in telling you the truth about student accommodation.

Firstly, find out exactly how much the bills will be each month. This can be calculated pretty accurately with current Energy Performance Certificates. Don’t trust the landlord of the place you’re due to be living. Price is going to be an important part of your considerations, so make sure you get it right.

Make sure you take a few days out specifically to look around student living spaces. You’ll want a checklist which will help you decide the best long term place. Make your own personal one, but it should include the following amongst others.

What condition is the property in? Is there any sign of damp or other lingering problems that probably wont be sorted out in your tenure there? Landlords are generally reluctant to fix expensive, longer term issues in  student accommodation. What about the general cleanliness? This should at least show you how much the landlord cares about you.

What about if you’re sharing, which is more than likely in most student places. Are there enough facilities to go around? Are there the right white goods? A washing machine is always useful in student accommodation. Similarly, what are you responsible for? If there’s a garden, do you have to look after it, and if so, have you been given the tools to do so. This is a common way for landlords to keep deposits – untended gardens.

Get the right agreement. Break clauses are a great thing for all concerned, as they allow a less regimented way of agreeing the term of student accommodation. Finally, get someone you trust to check out the places with you. A trusted opinion can always balance out the excitement of moving into your first place, and help you make the right decision.
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