Tips and Trick to Learn Chinese Fast!

Study Chinese in Beijing – Absolute Way to Grasp Chinese Language

If you are going to study Chinese in Beijing you need to know the tricks and tips of grasping the language fast. Without these you might find learning the language a bit challenging. However you must also bear in mind that Chinese is basically a logical language and if the basics are taught in the right manner then you will find it relatively simple to follow.

Tip number 1: Use Hanyu Pinyin to help you pronounce

The meaning of Hanyu is ‘Chinese language’ and the meaning of Pinyin is ‘sound’ and ‘spell’. So when put together they mean the sound and spelling of Chinese. This is a very simple concept that one must use when they Study Chinese in Beijing. The Pinyin system uses the letters of the Roman alphabet to create phonetics for foreigners. Pronunciation is a very important part of the Chinese language. If you mispronounce what you are trying to say even in the slightest bit it could convey a completely different meaning.

Tip number 2. Keep your eyes and ears open

The second most effective tip to grasping the language when you study Chinese in Beijing are to watch and listen. Make it a habit of listening to the radio and try and follow the songs that you hear. Watch movies in Chinese with English subtitles so that you can hear what is being said and understand it at the same time. Try and say the dialogue lines exactly as they do in the movie. Making a note of phrases that you hear and memorizing them is also of great help.

Tip number 3. Practice Chinese speech

Learning is nothing without practice and this is true of everything that is studied, including a language. If you want to excel at your attempt to study Chinese in Beijing then you must practice speaking the language. The more attempts you make to speak it, the easier the language will become. By and by you will also become more fluent. Another good habit would be to practice speaking Chinese with Next Step China’s tutors so that you can be corrected when you go wrong.

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