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Apart from being considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand also has the distinction of being one of the youngest. It was the last major land mass to be discovered by Europeans, and today, this fascinating and unspoiled country offers many reminders of its Maori and Colonial history.

The earliest known settlers in the two islands were the seafaring Maori, who arrived sometime between 1000 and 1300 AD, although some evidence suggests they were there earlier. The Maoris named the new land Aotearoa, meaning “Land of the Long White Cloud”, a name that still seems appropriate today.

The Maoris survived by hunting and farming and later by trading with the European settlers. Today, New Zealand boasts several places where you can still experience several fascinating glimpses into the Maori’s way of life and Maori culture is still an important part of what has become an increasingly multicultural society.

To enhance your career possibilities in NZ can be the most amazing experience in one life. There are many features that make this country worthwhile to live like friendliness, hospitality and warmth to overseas visitors, and enjoy meeting folk from other cultures. With the attractive and stimulating academic environment, it also lets you enjoy number of curricular activities like playing tennis, squash, cricket, basketball, soccer, netball, softball or rugby as per your interests.

For the prospective career, one can choose the course as per his interests and capability. New Zealand offers the international student the opportunity to avail a high-quality education like accounting, arts, science, philosophy, economics, engineering and so forth.

There is no doubt that immigration has helped New Zealand grown in the past decade. The last census in 2006 indicated that New Zealand’s migrant population was 927,000 people.

There is little question that British migrants are the most sought after by New Zealand employers. Although not an exclusive list, some of the occupations most in demand are listed below. If your occupation appears on this list, don’t delay. Have your visa eligibility expertly assessed.

New Zealand’s current immigration policy seeks 45,000 to 50,000 new migrants each year who wish to benefit from this opportunity. You could be one of them. If eligible, this year could be your chance to initiate, not just a new job in a new country, but a whole new lifestyle.

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