College Success Guide Author Sets Out to Distribute Thousands of Free Books

Brian Peterson, author of the soon-to-be-released college success guide, Higher Learning: Maximizing Your College Experience, recently launched a campaign through his website,, to donate up to 4000 copies of the book to high schools, colleges, college access programs, and youth groups nationwide. Peterson hopes that his nonprofit group, Lion’s Story Inc., will place in the top 200 vote-receiving organizations in the Chase Community Giving Campaign, hosted on the social networking site With the $20,000 contest award, Peterson will distribute copies of Higher Learning to schools and programs that have signed up on his website.

“This opportunity is the ultimate win-win,” Peterson said. “The Chase platform puts the power in people’s hands, and by voting for Lion’s Story, students across the country will get a valuable life-planning tool out of the deal, one that I think will significantly impact their college experiences.”

A doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, Peterson wrote Higher Learning after years of research, college access work, and mentoring college students, through an enrichment program he co-founded at Penn called Ase Academy. “College is so much bigger than studying, but there’s also much more to studying and doing well in the classroom than students realize, especially students who weren’t pushed hard in high school. Higher Learning covers everything from preparing for exams and writing papers to joining student groups, managing time, relationships, and figuring out what you want to do in life. I’m really excited about getting it out there and helping more students graduate, and get more out of what they put in.”

Facebook users can vote now through July 12. Higher Learning will be released later in July.

Lion’s Story, Inc. is a non-profit educational collaborative that develops and supports lifelong learning and community-building strategies, particularly for underserved schools and communities. For more information, please contact Nikita Hamilton, Outreach Coordinator, 877-734-1479 or

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