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A Suit sends multiple signals

At the turn of the 19th century virtually all men wore suits. On the surface a uniform garment – but what has often been viewed as the uniform of the bourgeois civil servant was in fact a mode of dress that had many meanings and can tell us a great deal about those who wore it and the society they lived in.
Anna Hedtjärn Wester has done research into men in suits among three different groups in society a century ago: princes, artists, and hod-carriers. At the turn of the nineteenth century the suit was the latest thing in men’s fashions. Men in suits were regarded as modern.
They may have made a homogeneous impression, but there …

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eGlobe Research Community Delivers In-Depth Studies on What We Teach in Higher Education

eGlobe Research Community, a Denver-based research company, recently announced the opening of its website providing access to its current research on higher education in the United States to decision-makers in education, business and government as well as others interested in learning more about trends in curriculum. eGlobe Research Community’s focus is on delivering in depth information to aid stakeholders of education in making informed decisions.
The research initiative, called “The Content Studies” provides detailed information on the trends in curriculum. The focus of “The Content Studies” during its initial phase is undergraduate education within public and not-for-profit four-year institutions. Included in the reports are in-depth descriptions of the content covered in specific course categories.
For example, their …

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Integrating violent youngsters into clubs

Setting youngsters with violent tendencies on a different path by encouraging them to pursue combat sports and physical experiences in a club setting – this is the goal of the new “Socius” project by the Institute of Sports Science. The venture has already found its first partner, a club within Würzburg.
Is combat sport really the way to encourage violent young people to abandon their aggressive behavior? Professor Harald Lange sees no contradiction in this. The head of the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Würzburg firmly believes that “through combat in a controlled environment young people can learn to respect their opponent as a partner and that they can feel with their own …

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The anti-crisis project: Thinking our way to a better future

Just a few days ago, at the Love Parade dance and music festival in Duisburg, Germany, 21 people were trampled to death in a human stampede. Apparently, the responsible decision-makers did not see the problem looming before the event.
But couldn’t we foresee at least some of the disasters before they strike?
In fact, scientists say, with the right kind of effort, we could do much better, not only with crowd disasters, but also in managing traffic problems, impending energy shortages, persisting financial and economic instabilities, climate change, and many other challenges. An ambitious new scientific effort now aims to transform our ability to understand and manage mutually entangled social, economic, and technological systems through an Apollo-like …

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Work-Life Balance Blurred for Some Employees

Employees with high levels of job autonomy and control over their schedules are more likely to bring their work home with them, according to surprising new research out of the University of Toronto.
Using data from a 2002 nationally representative survey of more than 2,600 American workers, sociology professor Scott Schieman and Ph.D. student Paul Glavin examined the impacts of schedule control and job autonomy on work-family role blurring. Role blurring is measured by how often employees bring work home and how often they receive work-related contact outside of normal working hours.
The study found the following:
• Having great schedule control – that is, having greater control over the start and finish times of work – is …

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Top 10 Certifications For 2010

1. Network+ Certification 2007/2009: CompTIA’s Network+ certification is intended to certify networking technicians with knowledge in the networking domain. It has consistently been a high-in-demand certification in the networking sector.
Targeted job roles: Network Administrator, System Administrator or Network Technician
N10-004 – CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)
For more information on this exam please visit Network+ Certification 2007/2009
2. Security+ Certification: CompTIA’s Security+ certification is one of the most popular exams focusing on information security. Security continues to be an important concern in the IT industry. The significance of this sector grows day by day. There is no specific pre-requisite for CompTIA’s Security+ certification, although CompTIA recommends you have at least two years of experience in network support or administration. …

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