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Nursing Jobs London – Where Culture Meets Style

Nursing jobs in London attract large numbers of qualified nurses who are willing to undertake available positions within the healthcare industry and medical field. Not only do people of all nationalities from all over the world look to relocate to London, so too do individuals from surrounding local areas. It is undisputed that London is a city that possesses a certain wonder to it, with its historical background combined with modern day architectural design and offerings. Juxtaposed alongside this architecturally sound city, London is the financial capital of the world that is consistently in the forefront of the latest cultural, technological and educational offerings.
For nurses that are relocating to London to fill nursing jobs from …

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Hospital Consultant – Providing Expert Knowledge in Medical Environments

Hospital consultants work to assist healthcare organisations with all aspects of the organisations management including: operations, systems analysis, initiatives planning, patient care and marketing.
Hospital consultants are individuals who have acquired the expertise and knowledge to assist in the development and implementation of strategic alterations and initiatives to ensure the better running of a healthcare organisation as a whole. Hospitals are a melting pot of hundreds of different individuals who work within a particular field to assist in the overall care available and provided within that organisation. Within a hospital, not only are there nurses, surgeons and physicians, there are also administrative staff, marketing personnel, and those within the decision support department. A large network of …

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Benefits to a Nursing Assistant Program

Graduates of a nursing assistant program enjoy job security as well as a flexible schedule. Unlike many industries, the medical field is actually thriving in this difficult economy. There’s a shortage of nursing assistants to meet the growing health care needs of an aging population. Nursing assistants provide direct patient care in long term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and private residences. A nursing assistant program degree can lead to other areas of medicine, such as labor and delivery, pediatrics and geriatrics.
Nursing assistants maintain patient hygiene and support doctors and nurses in diagnostic procedures and technical treatments. They assist in patient charting, direction and consultation. In a licensed nursing assistant program, they learn to …

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Scientific Careers: Pharmacists and Forensic Science Technicians

When students want to consider a career in science, a preliminary research on the available options is required. In that regard, without such research students limit their possibilities to a list of professions, mostly connected to popular stereotypes. It is no doubt that a nuclear scientist is a prestigious profession, but there are much more scientific careers than that. Thus, this article will attempt to provide an overview of two different career opportunities in science, which are a pharmacist and a forensic science technician.
A general perception of pharmacists is an image of people who only dispense and counsel on the use of medications. There is a lot more of science in such profession than it …

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Ophthalmology is a Popular Job Option

Ophthalmology is a popular branch within the scope of medical science. Some studies have shown that it is one of the most probable career choice generally opted by medical graduates on account of its convenient working hours and other conditions. Unlike, other medical professionals Ophthalmologists ideally follow a scheduled Nine-to-Five job rendering the profile an attractive choice. Although it is a common practice to function privately, most professionals work under hospitals tied to NHS and other public units.
Considering the rising population of elderly people due to the improvement in medical science, the steep increase in the cases of eye diseases and hence the popularity of ophthalmologist is but two faces of a coin. First Call …

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US Department of Education Award Helps School of Nursing Develop Three Future Faculty Members

SEATTLE – Finding the next generation of nurse educators is a challenge facing nursing schools across the country. The UW School of Nursing, like most others nationally, is facing a demographic challenge, the aging of the nursing faculty workforce.
According to a 2009 AACN report on nurse educator salaries, the average ages of doctorally-prepared nurse faculty holding the ranks of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor were 59.1, 56.1, and 51.7 years, respectively. The report also stated that the average age of nurse faculty at retirement is 62.5 years. With the average age of doctorally-prepared faculty currently 53.5 years, a wave of retirements is expected within the next ten years.
In preparation for the future, the UW …

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