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Martial Law Survival

When the federal government becomes more powerful than the state or local government that is already working by taking the military power, martial law comes into force. Martial law exists currently and can be bought into effect in your area. There are many people who are against it. The real question is what preparations are going to be necessary for survival. In US, martial law will be declared only in case of a natural disaster or when an area is affected by an epidemic. The normal systems of acquiring goods and commerce will not be available in both these situations. In a situation of pandemic, if the disease is very contagious, you will not be …

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Find Out How to Become a Police Officer

Learning how to become a police officer is something thousands of people do each year. Many of them are called to service as police officers because of a family tradition. Others do it just because it is something that they want to do. No matter what your reason is for wanting to become an officer, most areas in the United States are looking for well qualified and educated professionals. There are several steps you must take to achieve this type of job, though. Individuals who are interested should consult with local requirements before moving forward.
Those who are younger and still enrolled in school may have an advantage in finding education for becoming a police officer. …

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Military School Myths

There are many myths involving military school for girls and boys. Some of them are relics of the past and others have been fueled by depictions of military schools in movies and on television. Here are a few common myths about military schools and the truth about what military schools are really all about.
Military schools are only for troubled teens:
The perception is that parents only send their children to a youth military camp as a last resort because they are having trouble keeping them disciplined at home or at school. This is far from the truth — in fact, most military schools won’t accept students who have a history of serious discipline problems such as …

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Army National Guard Officer First Lieutenant 1LT Jobs

In the Army National Guard, there are many different First Lieutenant Jobs. For the most part, most First Lieutenant Jobs are located at the company or battalion level. Most 1LT jobs are the equivalent to an entry-level management job in the civilian world. Here are some examples of different 1LT jobs:
* Platoon Leader * Company Executive Officer * Company Commander * Aide-de-Camp * Assistant Battalion S3 * Battalion S4 Officer * Battalion S1 Officer * Assistant Brigade Staff Officer * TAC/Instructor
These are some of the more common First Lieutenant Jobs. In addition, you might also be assigned to a Division Staff, Installation Staff or several other positions as well.
It’s important to realize that First Lieutenants …

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5 Ways To Survive US Marine’s Boot Camp

The US Marine’s boot camp is not the typical field gymnasium where merely cardiovascular activities are carried out. On top of the conventional training there are other tasking exercises of the mind that are incorporated into the bargain. That is why this guide has sampled 5 ways on how to survive the US Marine’s boot camp.
The first point that must as well be regarded as some kind of combat anthem at the US Marine boot camp is discipline. With it lies the road to glory and being fully enlisted in the army, or the shamefaced dismissal which has become with time the most humiliating homecoming party for dismissed officers. That is why survival is so …

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U.S. Naval Academy

As the undergraduate college of the U.S. Naval Service, the Naval Academy prepares young men and women to become professional officers in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. Naval Academy students are midshipmen on active duty in the U.S. Navy. They attend the academy for four years, graduating with bachelor of science degrees and reserve commissions as either ensigns in the Navy or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Naval Academy graduates serve at least five years as Navy or Marine Corps officers.
The scenic Naval Academy campus, known as the “Yard,” is located in historic Annapolis, Maryland, where the Severn River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. With its combination of early twentieth-century and …

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