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Anthropology – The Ultimate Science?

Why do we do it? Why do anthropologists become anthropologists? I know that, for me, it’s because it’s the “ultimate” science. Let me explain.
I started my college experience as a philosophy major. I have always been the kind of person who questions, well… everything. However, I found that, although quite interesting, and definitely a solid foundation in thinking skills, philosophy wasn’t enough. I meandered through a few more programs – business, politics, economics, etc. – mainly just knocking out the “ditch-digging” classes of undergraduate work. But then I reached an impasse…
“Time to Make a Choice, Young Man!”
I had come to the end of my required classes and it was time to make a choice. I …

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Campus Common Sense: Tips on How to be Safe on Campus

College brings more freedom and fewer restrictions than most students have experienced during their high school years. Newly minted undergraduates have a positive view of their fellow students and take for granted that they and their possessions are safe. Many college students are unaware of the consequences that might arise from certain social situations including dating and experimenting with drinking and drugs. Unfortunately this behavior can make them vulnerable to non-consensual sex and led to devastating events.
General Campus Safety
Students can do the most to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of theft or assault by remembering to lock their doors when they leave (even just to do their laundry), keeping valuables (laptops, ipods, etc) …

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What To Look For In Student Accommodation

Student accommodation can be a real mixed bag. If you’re looking for private rental places, there are so many things to check before you go about renting it. Bear in mind, no-one has any real interest in telling you the truth about student accommodation.
Firstly, find out exactly how much the bills will be each month. This can be calculated pretty accurately with current Energy Performance Certificates. Don’t trust the landlord of the place you’re due to be living. Price is going to be an important part of your considerations, so make sure you get it right.
Make sure you take a few days out specifically to look around student living spaces. You’ll want a checklist which …

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College Success Guide Author Sets Out to Distribute Thousands of Free Books

Brian Peterson, author of the soon-to-be-released college success guide, Higher Learning: Maximizing Your College Experience, recently launched a campaign through his website,, to donate up to 4000 copies of the book to high schools, colleges, college access programs, and youth groups nationwide. Peterson hopes that his nonprofit group, Lion’s Story Inc., will place in the top 200 vote-receiving organizations in the Chase Community Giving Campaign, hosted on the social networking site With the $20,000 contest award, Peterson will distribute copies of Higher Learning to schools and programs that have signed up on his website.
“This opportunity is the ultimate win-win,” Peterson said. “The Chase platform puts the power in people’s hands, and by voting …

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Independence University Introduces Employment Partnership Program

Independence University has introduced an Employer Partnership Program in a bid to benefit both its students and employers.
As part of the program, Independence University forms symbiotic alliances in the employment and educational sector. The partnership allows the employers to access a talented pool of job-ready graduates to fill key positions in their organization.
Employers are also able to use the alliance to their benefit by training and developing their staff through Independence University’s coveted courses.
Independence University also has educational partners to provide the necessary industry exposure and training to its students. In exchange for that, the university offers its educational partners an opportunity to enroll their staff in courses and degrees that award college credit.
The university …

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Top Universities in Asian Nations to Fulfill Your Study Abroad Ambition

Students in search of high quality education are no longer hesitant to adopt a foreign destination. International education has come a long way with thousands of students studying in numerous universities and colleges in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, and Africa. Many Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and India have brought about welcome changes to their higher education systems to draw students from various parts of the world. These countries are nowadays home to some of the world’s leading universities and colleges. In this article, you’ll find a number of reputable universities in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.
Singapore has made its mark on the world map by offering an absorbing …

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