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Why Does Everyone Apply To The Same 20 Universities?

Many people chose schools based on certain motivations, such as:
1.) The prestige value: “I studied at Harvard”
2.) To continue a family tradition: “my father went to Duke, so I will be going to Duke”
3.) It’s close to home, OR its far away from home.
4.) It has the program or specialization you are looking for
5.) It might have the extra-curricular activities you are looking for (a good crew team, good night life etc.)
What’s really interesting, is how if you were asked to name all the universities you could think of in the US, you would probably be able to come up with somewhere between 30 and 50 names. If another random stranger were asked to do …

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Union College Offers Online Master of Arts in Psychology Degree and Chemical Dependency Certificate

Union College now offers a Master of Arts in Psychology degree and a Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate fully online. Union decided to offer the programs online to keep up with the growing number of non-traditional students seeking to advance their education and careers.
For the past six years, online enrollments have grown faster than traditional higher education student enrollment. According to the Sloan Consortium, more than 4.6 million students took at least one online course during the fall 2008 term, a 17 percent increase over the number reported the previous year.
“We see a lot of interest in online classes and programs, especially among professionals who want to enhance or advance their careers and who value convenience,” …

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University or Work?

From 2012 students in England face fees of up to £9000 per year…who will be able to afford them?
I studied in Poland. When I passed my entrance exams for the university (together with my secondary school final exams, which were equivalent to GCSE), I found myself in a comfortable situation: I had a place at one of the best universities in the country and I was still living at home. My parents agreed to support me for the whole period of studies (5 years until I got my Polish M.Sc.) providing I was doing my best.
I do not come from a rich family and I knew I had to finish my university as soon as …

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Study in NZ – Great Place to Study With Better Career Opportunity

Apart from being considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand also has the distinction of being one of the youngest. It was the last major land mass to be discovered by Europeans, and today, this fascinating and unspoiled country offers many reminders of its Maori and Colonial history.
The earliest known settlers in the two islands were the seafaring Maori, who arrived sometime between 1000 and 1300 AD, although some evidence suggests they were there earlier. The Maoris named the new land Aotearoa, meaning “Land of the Long White Cloud”, a name that still seems appropriate today.
The Maoris survived by hunting and farming and later by trading with the European settlers. …

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Writing Essays about College: Tips and Tricks for Students

What could be easier than to write about the topic one knows the best? For students writing essays about college should be an appealing task. In such kind of essays students can express their thoughts about their college life outlining its positive and negative sides. Very often, students have a lot of ideas on this topic but cannot arrange it in a proper way. This happens, when overwhelmed with emotions, students forget to pay attention to the format requirements. Find out how to compose a great essay and meet all format regulations studying the following tips.
Variety of topics
College life provides students with a vast choice of topics for essays. A student has the possibility to …

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Tips and Trick to Learn Chinese Fast!

Study Chinese in Beijing – Absolute Way to Grasp Chinese Language
If you are going to study Chinese in Beijing you need to know the tricks and tips of grasping the language fast. Without these you might find learning the language a bit challenging. However you must also bear in mind that Chinese is basically a logical language and if the basics are taught in the right manner then you will find it relatively simple to follow.
Tip number 1: Use Hanyu Pinyin to help you pronounce
The meaning of Hanyu is ‘Chinese language’ and the meaning of Pinyin is ‘sound’ and ‘spell’. So when put together they mean the sound and spelling of Chinese. This is a …

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