Steps to Becoming an Electrician in the UK

Find out about starting in business as an electrician and the benefits of an electricians franchise.

Is Being An Electrician For Me?
Those who choose to become an electrician are not just those who start after leaving school, there are many mature starters choosing this as a new career. Training organisations see more and more people choosing to become an electrician because they wish to make a career change. Many people retrain as an electrician because they want to work for themselves or to experience a career with good salaries and career development.
Why Do I Need Qualifications To Be An Electrician?
The construction industry, which of course includes electricians and electrical contractors, is heavily regulated and continues to see more regulations as the technology advances and electrical safety measures are put in place. An electrician will need qualifications and appropriate accreditation, for domestic work and further qualifications for certain types of commercial work. An electrician should be a member of an appropriate body such as the NICEIC to ensure that they remain up to date with changing regulations in the electrician industry.

What Skills Will I Learn As An Electrician?
Training to be an electrician cannot simply be based on pieces of paper and qualifications, the trainee must learn other skills required for a successful career. Training organisations will teach an electrician the hands-on skills within an environment that will enable effective learning. The trainee will be taught by a fully qualified and experienced tutor.

The Electrician Training Programme
The electrician will learn from a combination of both theory and practical work to ensure a broad learning experience. The theory aspects of the electricians learning are provided via self-study utilising extensive technical training manuals and guidance notes. This information provided to the electrician is integrated with a number of recognised industry publications. As the electrician progresses they will complete a number of multiple choice questions together with written assignments. When the electrician completes the assignments they are sent to the tutor who will mark them and then they will return the marked assignments with feedback to the electrician. There is a link to the relevant sections of the reference materials in the assignment that will ask the electrician to cover off areas that are not dealt with. After this the electrician will join other students in other training centres, where the electricians will complete a week of the practical skills. If the electrician is studying as part of the specific programme, which then leads to an electrical assessment, then the student will do this at the end of the practical week. The electrician does not need to be nervous about the assessment as there are very high pass rates and if it is deemed necessary they can have a site visit.

Electrician Training Centres
The Electrician Training Centres are accredited by the electrician and electrical contracting industry awarding bodies including the City and Guilds, EAL, BPEC and LOGIC. They are situated to be convenient for the road and motorway networks as well as public transport links. The electrician can also find suitable local accommodation close to the Electrician Training Centres. The training courses have a maximum group size of ten, however in many cases it is more like six. Each student will have their own bespoke training bay that will enable them to work independently. The Electrician Training Centres also have Global On-Line Assessment Suites which enable the electrician to take City and Guilds Assessments via the internet. Online assessments for an electrician are delivered at a time which suits the electrician and results are normally available within an hour. Paper based assessments for an electrician can take six weeks to be marked, so the online version offers a significant advantage.

Electrician Career Search
There are specialist divisions for electricians to devote to career searches, whether for employed career development or self-employed opportunities including franchising. Obtaining a job is not guaranteed but there are many opportunities for an electrician. Recruitment websites will help to develop an extensive network of contacts through partnerships with specific job search agencies. An electrician could also start up their own business either as a stand alone business or by purchasing a franchise. There is an extensive support network available to help electricians in their career search or setting up a business with guidance on services such as insurance, finance and marketing.

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