How to Appear Confident in Front of Important People at Work

No matter your position in the hierarchy at work, there will always be someone above you. Maintaining good relationships is crucial – they constitute the background on which the work process takes place and if these relationships are not ‘healthy’ and people don’t feel at ease their work will be affected.

Getting on with your co-workers is a must. You cannot work with people you don’t like or understand, people who are impatient or grumpy, unreliable, lazy, or just indifferent to what goes on in an office. Mutual understanding and cooperation, the team spirit, trust and respect are only a few of the elements that make life in an office ‘bearable’.

Fortunately (or not), the people you get in contact with while you are at work are not only those you share your office with on a daily basis. Sometimes you have to report to a superior, your direct supervisor or the ‘big boss’. Do you feel the same when you are in your boss’ office or do you put on a special ‘mask’ a couple of minutes before you enter?

Some people say it feels a lot different to talk to the big boss and this makes them nervous. They know he is the one who makes all the important decisions and automatically change attitude when they are before him. They usually become more formal and avoid saying exactly what they think for fear he might not appreciate sincerity.

However, the best way to deal with the boss is not being afraid of him. Self-confident people know that being open and direct, telling what you really think in a most polite manner and, of course, with a smile on your face will not harm anyone, workmate, supervisor or the manager. Wearing a protective mask in front of a superior will not help him get to know you; even though your work is obvious and they can evaluate it correctly, not knowing enough of the true you, your personality and character traits, might interfere in the choices they make for promotions. You must try to appear confident in front of important people. Stating your own abilities and the desire to make yourself useful when they give you a certain assignment will make them understand what a reliable employee you are and they will certainly remember your name when another similar project comes up. If you can cooperate with the people in your office and your supervisor trusts you already, you can be sure to win the boss’ trust as well.

Being shy does not mean you are stupid but it is a weakness that is no longer overlooked in this millennium. Shyness equals uncertainty and your superior wants to see dependable and trustful people in the firm, people whose ideas and knowledge can help the company grow and prosper, who are not afraid to sustain their ideas and opinions and who will always come up with inventive and positive solutions when they are called for.
Self-confidence is the main ingredient of a successful life and career and also improves relationships with other people at work, irrespective of their status and position.

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