The Problem With Thesauruses – No Clarifier

For 150 years, thesauruses have adhered to the same basic concept. They present a word, standing alone -the “base word”-and then present a number of possible synonyms for that base word. The problem however is that there are so many wonderful words in the English language that simply do not easily lend themselves to a one base word. What is needed is a way to supplement the base word in the form of a “clarifier”.
The absence of this clarifier is one of the primary limitations of even the most compendious standard thesauruses. There are many different occasions on which a Clarifier is necessary, and each of them demonstrates the shortcoming of ordinary thesauruses.
One example is …

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How to Appear Confident in Front of Important People at Work

No matter your position in the hierarchy at work, there will always be someone above you. Maintaining good relationships is crucial – they constitute the background on which the work process takes place and if these relationships are not ‘healthy’ and people don’t feel at ease their work will be affected.
Getting on with your co-workers is a must. You cannot work with people you don’t like or understand, people who are impatient or grumpy, unreliable, lazy, or just indifferent to what goes on in an office. Mutual understanding and cooperation, the team spirit, trust and respect are only a few of the elements that make life in an office ‘bearable’.
Fortunately (or not), the people you …

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College Success Guide Author Sets Out to Distribute Thousands of Free Books

Brian Peterson, author of the soon-to-be-released college success guide, Higher Learning: Maximizing Your College Experience, recently launched a campaign through his website,, to donate up to 4000 copies of the book to high schools, colleges, college access programs, and youth groups nationwide. Peterson hopes that his nonprofit group, Lion’s Story Inc., will place in the top 200 vote-receiving organizations in the Chase Community Giving Campaign, hosted on the social networking site With the $20,000 contest award, Peterson will distribute copies of Higher Learning to schools and programs that have signed up on his website.
“This opportunity is the ultimate win-win,” Peterson said. “The Chase platform puts the power in people’s hands, and by voting …

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Statistics homework help website starts online tutoring services for students

Statistics homework help, a popular website service providing help to students for statistics homework and assignments has started offering online tutoring.
Recognizing the need of students and parents, statistics homework help has decided to offer these online tutoring services through its website apart from the regular assignment help over the e-mail that it was already offering. Statistics homework help has employed a group of statistics experts who shall be available 24/7 for online tutoring. A student shall be able to interact with a tutor of his or choice over the internet through live chat sessions and web broadcasting. The website also offers the use of white board for the ease of tutor and the students. A …

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Law Education in India CLAT 2010

Till 2007, Entrance examinations were the most popular mode of admitting students to most of the law courses in India. Law Entrance in India was done on the College level, different colleges and universities conduct different entrance examination to admit students to their courses.
In 2008, seven premier law institutes in India came together to streamline the admission process of admitting students to the 5-year LLB courses in India and reduce the burden of students of taking various entrance examinations, has signed a memorandum of conducting a Common Law Admission Test from the year 2008. In its first year, CLAT was conducted by National Law School of India University, Bangalore. In 2009, four other universities joined …

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Scientific Careers: Pharmacists and Forensic Science Technicians

When students want to consider a career in science, a preliminary research on the available options is required. In that regard, without such research students limit their possibilities to a list of professions, mostly connected to popular stereotypes. It is no doubt that a nuclear scientist is a prestigious profession, but there are much more scientific careers than that. Thus, this article will attempt to provide an overview of two different career opportunities in science, which are a pharmacist and a forensic science technician.
A general perception of pharmacists is an image of people who only dispense and counsel on the use of medications. There is a lot more of science in such profession than it …

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